1. "… It is unbearably painful
    For the soul to love silently."
    — Anna Akhmatova (via contramonte)
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    Conservators recently restored “Diana,” the best-known work of the most celebrated sculptor of the Gilded Age, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. After an extensive study of the artist’s methods and several phases of technical preparation, they made much-needed structural repairs to the sculpture and applied 180 square feet of gold leaf to restore its original shine. To see how much work went into the process, check out here.

    Conservators Andrew Lins, Alisa Vignalo, and Adam Jenkins apply gold leaf to “Diana” in the Great Stair Hall.

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    Francis Bacon - Figure in a Landscape (1952)

  4. de-salva:

    Stone Sculpture in Santiago Museum of PreColumbian Art

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  5. fabionardini:

    Borneo Masterpiece Ritual Mask, Iban Dayak wood, pigment, 19th century

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  6. weissewiese:

    Those two shelves, down there.
    — Adrienne Rich

    They buy poetry like gang members
    buy guns — for aperture, caliber,
    heft, and defense. They sit on the floor
    in the stacks, thumbing through Keats
    and Plath, Levine and Olds, four boys
    in a bookstore, black glasses,…

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  7. "The sun inside of him
    rages like wildfire
    and he is
    and he is
    scorching the skin of my heart,
    yet still he pretends
    that he is safe for me to love,
    that his hands are gentle,
    that his fingerprints won’t be
    seared into the notches of my spine.

    The sun inside of him
    could set the kingdom ablaze;
    he knows this, he does.

    And he still asks me to love him,
    to face the flame.

    Find me in the ashes.

    — Emily Palermo, Apollo (via ravennastark)

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    Giacomo Manzu (1908-1991) Madre e figlio

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    Stone Balancing by Adrian Gray