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    We will meet again
    in the lake
    you as water
    I as lotus blossom

    You will carry me
    I will drink you

    — Rose Ausländer, Love VI (translated by Vincent Homolka)

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    And I am merely a shadow hunched

    Above the arrowy, still strings,
    The maker of a thing yet to be made;

    The color like a thought that grows
    Out of a mood, the tragic robe

    Of the actor, half his gesture, half
    His speech, the dress of his meaning, silk

    Sodden with his melancholy words,
    The weather of his stage, himself.

    — Wallace Stevens, from section IX of “The Man with the Blue Guitar,” The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens (Vintage, 1982)

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    Friedensreich Hundertwasser (born Friedrich Stowasser) with his mother Elsa Stowasser and their portraits in Vienna in the 1950s.

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      Milton Avery (1885-1965) Mother and Child

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    Goddess Tara

    Nepal, 11th-12th century

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    Chaturmukha lingam, north india

  8. Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet

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  9. BIOGRAPHY OF PAUL CEZANNE - Discovery/History/Art (documentary)

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